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Lower Street

 Lower StreetLower Street was part of the Town tithing and forms part of the cross roads at the centre of the village. It leads to Litton so it may be referred to as the Litton Road but that probably stars where the buildings end. The bottom of the High Street and the old Waldegrave Arms can just about been seen at the bottom. Chew Hill is to the right.
 The blue spot identifies the beginning of Kings Hill and the red spot show Batch Cottage, both of which are described separately.
The Vicarage shown in the bottom right hand corner s now known as the Old Rectory and there are several other buildings on that part of Lower Street.
 The buildings between the ‘Vicarage and the blue spot are collectively called Lower Street Cottages. Some of the other buildings are shown in the page about shops.
 The yellow spot shows the bottom of Alrdidge Lane which is now grassed over. The green Line is what was once Veal farm but is now a series of private houses. They are not shown in this map because the land belonged to the Kingsmills in 1794, not the Waldegraves who commissioned the map.
 The houses opposite the green line were Waldegrave properties but have been replaced by newer buildings.
 The buildings on the north (Bristol) side of Lower Street are starting from the Old Rectory, the Coach House, Garden House, Copper Beeches, The Social Club,  Woodside, Brook Cottage (described in the page for Kings Hill ), Kingshill Cottages, The ‘new’ Rectory , Laigh House, Kingshill House and Waldegrave House.
 The buildings on the south (Wells) side are Waldegrave Corner which modern eco houses built on the site of the building shown in the 1794 map but better known to the locals as a former car park.
The Village Hall, Camelot (a modern bungalow) the former Veals Farm and two modern buildings to replace the cottages shown in the map and some of the old photographs of Lower Street.
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