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It is believed that the King family were Royalists during the English Civil War, who moved from Wells to Leigh on Mendip shortly before the Cromwell’s troops captured the city. It is possible that the King family are the origin of place names such as Kings Hill and Kings Well near Eakers Farm but there is a stronger case for the Kingsmill family being the source.
 The King family were definitely resident in the 18th century and were running the inn, probably the Unicorn. A Mr King, probably Richard King, was paying poor rates for ‘ye Inn’ and or the Loxton estate. The York family may have been the owners of the land but it is more likely that they were the primary tenants whilst Mr King was a sub tenant of the Yorks.
 Constasha King was born in Leigh upon Mendip in 1781 She was baptised Constance King on 18th March 1781. Her father and mother were Phillip and  Elizabeth King. She married a John Clark of Chewton Mendip and they are both buried in the old churchyard.
 A Richard Steed King was buried in the Chewton Mendip churchyard in 1918.
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