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 There are a number of  distinct areas of districts in Chewton Mendip based on the system of tithings.
 One exception is Bathway which is a distinct hamlet which straddles two or more tithings.
East and West End are terms that are still used because they are descriptive.
Middlesex has fallen out of use as has Town.
The former Middlesex tithing includes Nedge  and parts of Green Ore and Priddy.
Ford is another hamlet that is split between Chewton Mendip and another village, in this case Litton.
 The High Street is a modern postal address that most people would call the main road.
The Folly is off the main road and is a term that has been used since the 18th century.
Lower Street are parts of the village that used to be referred to as generic areas but the properties now have individual addresses.
The same applies to Kingshill which has the unofficial name of Kinsell.
Chewton Hill that also has the official second address of Dumpers Lane for some houses.
There are two Coles Lanes.  There is a Coles Lane in the east of the village that is still uses as a road and has a number of houses in it. There is another Coles Lane near Burges’s Coombe in the west of the village.
 Some farms or former farms are self-contained units. Cutlers Green is now just a group of houses but it is the site of the former Mendip Motors.
 Tor Hole also has an industrial past linkined to mining.
 Hollow Marsh is another anamoly of a part of Chewton Mendip that is closer to two or mor other villages.
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