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Litton Road

 Litton RoadLitton Road is, as the name suggests, the road that links Chewton Mendip with Litton. The first part of the road in Chewton Mendip is called Lower Street and it soon passes through Ford which is part in Chewton Mendip and part in Litton. This extract from the 1794 map shows the part around Ford which is a hamlet split between Chewton Mendip and Litton.The blue spot marks the beginning of Watery Coombe which still  lives up to its name despite having some of the water diverted to supply water for Bristol. The yellow spot identifies where Aldridge Lane used to join the Litton Road but that is now grassed over.
 Dowlings farm was probably based on what is now a modern house called Watery Coombe.
The site of what may have been a water-mill can be seen to the right of the blue spot. Old Ford Farm and the site of Ford Dairy can both be seen.
 Ford House Farm  and Ford House were both built after the 1794 map was drawn as were several other houses.
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