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Weaver’s Cottage

Many people were involved in producing textiles so several cottages were used for weaving but the 1740 map records that a  family called Weaver lived in the Town tithing. Their cottage was  near the church and Batch Cottage but it probably was on Lower Street and was shown in the 1794 map.
The Weaver family are  mentioned in the 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor-law records but that was in connection with a farm in another part of the village so the William Weaver and his son also called William, were not wealthy enough to pay rates but not poor enough to receive support from the parish.
A cottage and garden near Heydons Well previously held by Padwells. The Padwell name is unusual but other Waldegrave records refer to Haydon’s Well. A 1696 lease refers to Mary Blandon living in a cottage near to Haydons Well. A Widow Blannon was living in what was later called Thatcher’s Cottage in 1740.
 The plot was given the number 539 in 1839 and it may have been the same building remembered as Gane’s sweetshop which was demolished and replaced by modern houses.
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