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Honeywell Lane

 Honeywell LaneHoneywell Lane connects Cutlers Green, in the top right, to East End , on the bottom left.  Honeywell Lane is now just a muddy bridlepath but the  1794 map shows  it was a significant road with several properties based on it. The name of the cottage may come from ‘honey well’ as in ‘sweet water’ or the source of honey because no reference to a family called ‘Honeywell’ can be found in the history of the villages in the area. This ties in with one of the theories of the name ‘dud well’.  The 1902 map shows a the ‘Honey Well’ but it confirms there was only one building of any significance in the lane at that time which was called Honeywell Lane.
The map was produced by the  Waldegraves family to show the result of the exchanges of  land with Hippisley family so it is rather strange that field number 1 is at the end of Honeywell lane.
Honeywell CottageThis extract shows the site of the only remaining building left standing in Honeywell Lane in field 10. It may have been a  farms which would make it the seventh identified so far.  The building in field 10 are substantial enough to be a farm when compared with East End Farm, Hippisley farm and  Lower East End Farm are all standing (more or less). Another farm that was origional called Rowdens ,has has been given the name Honeywell Farm in this website, can just be seen in the bottom left hand corner. This map shows there was another building, probably a cottage, in field 2. There was a property called Browns halfway down the track near Franklyns Farm but nothing remains of it now.
Mannings Lane  is close by and there may have been a farm there,  East End Cottages may have also been the site of a farm before the cottages were built.
Various members of the  Speed family were living in Honewell, presumably Honeywell Cottage, from the 1840s t 1880s when some of the numerous children attended Chewton Mendip school.
The Perkins family were also residents in Honewell, possibly after the Speeds left.
 The Gillard family were living in Honewell from c 1905 and Doreen Gillard was living with her father, Herbert, in Honeywell Lane when she attended Chewton Mendip school in 1942.
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