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York’s Parks

York’s Parks  are described as six closes lying to gether in Holly Marsh in the 1766 ledgers. Holly Marsh is specified as being in Emborough so some of the references to ‘Yorks‘ or  or Yorks Farm   in  East End could refer to one or more of the parks listed. However, sometimes Holly Marsh may have been an alternative spelling of  Hollow Marsh which would put them in West End near Farrington Gurney.   Neither the 1794 map  or  1839 tithe maps are clear about  location of the parks. The list below is in the order the closes were recorded in the ledger.
One park was called Cholwell and Cholwell is part of Farrington Gurney and was the home of the Mogg family for a while. Moggs Parks were listed on the same page and they appear to be in Hollow Marsh near Farrington Gurney.
Robinsons is not a name that features in the history of Chewton Mendip. Robbins was a family who were living in Ston Easton at the time.
Tuckers was a name of a farm in East End but it could also have been the name of a separate field elsewhere.
 Hills is another name that may apply to several locations.
 Bendles is a name that is linked to several different farms. Bendall’s Grove is in West End but the 1785 sale refers to Bendle’s in Ston Easton.
 The last close in the list was just called the Paddock.
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