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York Lane

York LaneYork Lane is in the West End tithing and is marked by the light  blue spot  in the middle of the extract from the 1794 map. It probably takes it name from the York family but there are several places where they may have lived and different branches of the family may have been involved. The only buildings on York lane are near the junction called Mearns Cross. These were probably two cottages which may have been occupied by farm labours or miners.
Adams Corner is on the right marked by a red spot . This may have been the home to a relatively affluent branch of the family according to  the churchwarden accounts and the poor book  from the 18th century but there are no buildings there today. Adams Grove is another posibility for the ‘Adams‘ estate occupied by the York family.
West End Farm  is on the left marked by the dark blue spot and is another possible location of the York’s home in the West End.or Another possibility is Coles farm which is at the bottom of York Lane at the junction with Burges’ Coomb and Prestons Lane.
The Yorks  were tenants of the Waldegrave and Kingsmills and both families owned land in West End. The Waldegraves owned the majority of the farm land but the Kingsmills owned land around  Eakers Hill.
 Bendalls Grove and Payne’s Pond are fairly close and just of the top of the map but it is beleived those former farms were named after the occupants.  Grove Farm is to the top left and is another possibility for the home of the Yorks at some time.
The Hampshire archives contain a number of records that may help identify where the Yorks and other families lived in what is now an, almost, empty landscape.
The Yorkes were also recorded as paying rates in the East EndMiddlesex, Town and Widcombe tithings. The Yorks farm in East End is marked on the 1840 map but nothing is left of that house either
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