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AlfordsThe 18th century churchwarden accounts show that Robert Alford was paying rates for an  farm in the West End in 1701. The 1640 map shows that  Egelfelde house was nearby and that Alfords had already been split into two.The 1839 map shows Alfords was the site of what is now just a barn  shown on the left. It is near Wills  Farm and they are both close to Priddy.
Alfords 1840The 1794 map  does not show the Mendip Forest  and some of the land may have been in the Middlesex tithing but the boundaries of the tithings was very elastic. Robert Alford probably died in 1706 when died because other people took over his estate in 1707. No other reference to that family  living in Chewton Mendip have yet been found.
The earliest record for the Alford family in Somerset was when Joanna Alford was baptised in Frome on the 20th July 1574. One prospect for the Robert Alford who was the tenant of the farm was the son of Thomas and Bennet Alford baptised in Dinder on the 21st January 1640/41. The Jenkins family may have provided a link because they held land in Priddy and possibly Dinder.
The farm continued to be recorded in the poor-law records when a Mr Phelps was the main tenant but a Samuel Young was the occupant in 1766 when it was owned by the Waldegraves.
 It was no longer a separate farm by 1839 when it was it was occupied by James Gane but John Phelps still held a long term lease.
The 1839 map also shows that there was a cottage on what was later called Grannie’s Garden which may have controlled access to the Mendip Forest.  The cottage was occupied by Edmund Barnard.
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