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Page 2231 is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and is part of a table of estate and occupiers who took apprentices as part of their poor law obligations which were not popular. The ‘rules’ were specified in 1754 as documented in page 2227 and follows on from pages 2228, 2229, 2230 and 2231. The list of names at the bottom are the signatures of the people who made the original agreement in 1754. For some reason, no apprentices were allocated on this page, perhaps because the agreement made almost half a century early was no longer in operation. Mr Sevior has only been identified in thes poor law records but he appears several times whilst this is the oly reference to Widow Chesley discovered so far.
The transcribed text is in italic.
49 Mr Paul Downton Curtis 40
50 Mr Sevior 22 10
Tho Green 16
Lewis Thiery & Wid Chesley 3 10
John Culliford
Will Hippisley
John Beach
Robert Anstee
James Tucker
  John Dory
W Hunt
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