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Knights Templar

The Knights Templar  were  a monastic  set up c1119 to protect  travels to the Jerusalem which was then held by the crusaders. Unlike other  religious orders, they had a military role but they were also skilled businessmen and were involved in international banking at an early stage. The Knights Templar came from the educated elite which combined with their contacts in several countries gave the several advantages  which would later count against them.
 They held land in Bristol, Templecombe and several other locations in Somerset including Cameley/Temple Cloud and Haydon Grange near Priddy. Almeric St Maur  held land at Cameley and was the master of the Knights Templar from 1200 -18. ‘The Knights Templar in Somerset’ by Juliet Faith published 2009 provides more information.
 It is possible that Kingston Seymour was included in the Chewton Hundred through links to the Knights Templar or the St Maur family. Hazel Manor may have been paying tithes to Chewton Mendip because of a link to the Knights Templar.
The Knights Templars held the land at the same time as Jumieges  Priory but that priory lost its land to  Hayling Island priory at the beginning of the 100 years war.
Monastic orders received tithes rather than pay them but the Knights Templars paid no  tax so it is possible that subsequent owns of the land they held may have been required to a special tax which may have been the origins of the sacrafield tax still being recorded in the 18th century. This may have been linked to the lead mines in the area.
 The Knights Templar were supressed at the beginning of the 14th century and it is possible the Carthusians took over some of their land in the Mendips. However, the records show the Knights Hospitaller took over the lands that were  confiscated from the Knights Templar.
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