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Yorks East End

York Farm East EndThe York family may have held several farms in the East End and this picture shows two likely prospects. The building that can be sen is East End Farm but there was another farm in the foreground that has been demolished. All that remains is the gateway that can just about be seen in the hedge. The large stone may have been part of it.
York Farm East EndThe buildings shown in field 198 in the 1794 map next to the yellow dot was the farm that has now been reduced to an overgrown gateway in a hedge. The set of  building below the yellow spot may be the East End Farm shown in the photograph.
The 1766 ledgers show that the Yorks took a lease on part of what was then called a ‘A tenement called a Landles place or Rowdens’ in 1766. Rowdens Lane is just of the right hand corner of the map and there was a farm there that had already been merged with other properties in the 18th century. It is referred to as Honewell Farm in this website. Rowdens was also occupied by the Hippisley family who may have also farmed in East End farm. They were tenants of Lower East End Farm and Hippisley farm which may also have been occupied by some members of the york family.
 The 18th century churchwardens accounts and poor book record that, John, Richard and Elizabeth York were paying rates in East End from 1699 to when these records finish in the 1760s. Another widow York and a James York may have also been living in East End at some time.
 These records are not specific but it appears there were at least two places farmed by various members of the York families  in East End but there is no guarantee they were related.
Tthe 1840 tithe map is damaged at the critical part but there is enough detail to show that a John York was occupying the property at the time so it is reasonable to assume that the Yorks had been occupying that farm previously.
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