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The Adams family were significant people in the 17th century and possibly before that. A George Adams is listed in the Protestation and Lay Subsidy rolls for 1641. He may have been the person who was a Justice of the peace in 1670 and the person who is/was commemorated in Chewton Mendip church who died 7th April 1694. The inscription was recorded by Edward Rack c1780 but the memorial may now be lost or hidden.  They may have been related  to the Till-Adams family but no link has yet ben identified.
 John and Gill, or Jill Adams were listed in the churchwarden accounts as paying rates in the in the early 18th century for an estate which may have been based on Adams Lane or part of what is now Chewton House or Chewton Priory.
The Addams family were identified as rate payers in the poor book which starts in 1730 when Adams Grove is the most likely prospect for their home.
 The Yorke family had taken on some of the Addams properties by the end of th 17th century and they were listed as paying rates for the Adams estate in western part of the village which may have been Adams Corner. There is nothing standing on the site now so it may have been the home of the more modest branch of the family but the size of the plot suggests it could have accommodated a substantial building but similar argument could be made for the other two prospects.
 There are several references to the Adams family receiving poor relief in the 18th century who may have once lived in the ‘roofless tenement called Addams’ that is referred to in several records.
 Various members of the Adams family were recorded as living in Chewton Mendip until the modern era.
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