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Coles Lane east

Coles Lane (East) This is Coles Lane in the eastern part of the village. There is another Coles Lane, next to Coles Farm, in West End. The lane leads from the cross roads in the centre of the village or Town tithing and goes through the East End tithing which leads to Emborough and Ston Easton.The green dot shows the location of what is now called Lynch cottages which is the featured image in the ‘Properties‘ page. The yellow spot is the site of Lime Kiln cottage and the blue spot is the site of The Bungalow which is a modern building. The rd spot is th site of an old Lim Kiln which was used until living memory. The site was probably created from the quarry that was used to feed the lime kiln.
 The site was owned by the Hart family when the map was drawn in 1794. The large field marked Kingsmill is known as Scutshill as explained in the page about The Folly and Bray’s Batch which are on the left of this map.
 There were several lime kilns in the village and surrounding area and a relatively good example can be seen in Coles Lane. This may have be the source of the name of Lime Kiln Close that appears in the records.
 Drials Lane leads from the bottom of the map up to The Folly and this is still a footpath today. The other road leading to the right at the bottom of Sarah Hart’s name is now grassed over.
 The word ‘coal’ was frequently spelt as ‘cole’  so this may be another source of the name. There are references to a Colliers Close which could have been nearby.
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