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1800 Map

Somerset archive record  DD\X\BKS/58 is a map of the newly enclosed land on the former Mendip Forest . This joined the semi-detached part of Chewton Mendip next to Priddy with the rest of the village. This map differs from the most of the other maps which showed the Waldegraves estate.
The map covers roughly the same area as the 1640 map but some of  the ground concerned was not show in the  1794 map because it was not part of the Waldegrave estate. The forest land was subject to the special conditions of the Forest Law which were repealed in 1795 which was about the time the map was produced in c1800.
Several families were identified in the map and the corresponding list identifies their responsibility for paying the agistment tithe which was levied on the right to graze animals on the forest land. The map shows blocks which do not correspond to known field boundaries suggesting that the ‘enclosed’ land was not necessarily divided into separate plots but the plots represent notional divisions of land that continued to be common land.
The map includes areas such as Nivers Hill, Eakers Hill and Nedge. Newspaper advertisements dated 1797 advertise the recently enclosed land for sale. These advertisements include land which which extended to Shooters Bottom and included other parcels of land such as Chew Down and some of the former parkland. The maps shows the lane which formed  part of the northern boundary was called Lasbury Lane.
The advertisements  specified Robert Anstee as the person controlling the sales and suggest that the map was already in existence at the time so perhaps it was drawn between 1795 and 1797.
 The 1839 tithe map shows the most of the former Mendip Forest but the status of Green Ore was still not clear but the 1839 map shows the fields  boundaries on the former forest land have remained fairly consistent since that date
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