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Chewton Field Farm

Chewton Field Farm is on the parish boundary with Ston Easton and it  not to be confused with Chewton Field House near Bathway. What is sometimes called Chewton Plain is just fields in the 1794 map but a farm is clearly shown in the  empty in the 1839 map.
It is one of the few remaining working farms in the Waldegrave estate but the 1794 maps shows that there were fields belonging to Litton parish and the Kingsmills around the site. It may have been the acquisition of some of those fields that prompted the construction of Chewton Fields Farm.
Charles Wesley Harris. He was an engineer of Chewton Mendip and he was invloved with Mendip Motors.
Albert Charles Watts. He was a farmer of Chewton Mendip. he may have been related to the George Watts seen in the cricket 11 of 1904.
The Chapel remained a place of worship until 1976 when it was decommissioned and used as for storage by the St John bakery business
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