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1902 Map

The 1766 and 1794 maps both focus on the Waldegraves  and Hippisleys estates but a map  first surveyed in 1833 may be considered to be the first modern map to show the whole village. It appears that the 1833 map was revised on a number of occasions. It was probably used as the basis of the tithe map.  There is one version that was revised in 1902 that is in circulation. The Kingsmill family still owned the majority of the  Town tithing in 1833 and continued to do so until 1848 but the 1902 map shows the village at that time not 1833. Obviously there are a number of details shown on the map that are of interest and some of the most significant are listed below
The most significant features shown in Bathway  are the location of Chewton Priory and a Churnwell Tap is recorded. The site of the smithy that was probably run by the Wookey or Uphill families is identified.
Chewton House and The Folly are little changed.
 Cutlers Green and the Mendip Moters foundry at is marked.
What is now called East End Farm is unnamed and what is now called Hippisley Farm is called East End Farm. What is now called Lower East End Farm is unnamed.
 Whats is now called Honeywell Cottage is shown and Honeywell lane is spelt as such but a separate Honey Well is shown supporting the theory that is the origin of the name.
Neither the ‘new’ or ‘old’ Redsheard is shown
There appears to be a large structure on what is now Tudor Cottage which supports the theory that there was some form of agricultural building on the site of the orchard that is remembered.
 The site of the Old Vicarage shows the current buildings and include details not shown on the 1859 deeds.
 A building on the site of Veal  Farm is shown but not in any great detail
 The ‘Old’ Waldegrave Arms is clearly s which was believed to be on he site now occupied by The map does not show what is believed to have been
 Eakers Hill and most of the  West end or Middlesex tithings are not shown and the Widcombe tithing does not appear at all.
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