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George Scutt and  Mary Tucker were married in Chewton Mendip on 25/4/1639. The union of these families may explain why the Scutt’s were later farming the Tucker’s holding in the 18th century. Scutts Hill on Coles Lane (east) near Chew Hill  has retained the name long after the family the left the village.
Francis Scutt was paying poor rates for an estate in East End which was identified as Tuckers in 1725.
Cornelius Scutt was 38 and his sister?, Sarah Gold was 12 and his son James was 12 when he renewed  a lease for Browns in Honeywell Lane, in 1760. The original lease was taken in 1731
Catherine was married to George Scutt but she was a widow of when she took a lease in 1754 for a property near Binigar which mentioned their son, William, who was 17. This was probably one of the properties on Red Hill.
Chewton Mendip made an agreement about the allocation of apprentices in 1754 when Francis Scutt was listed. This may have been the same Francis listed in 1725.  Benjamin Westlake was apprenticed to the estate in 1783.
The Scutt name appears to die out in the 1790s when the Scott name started to appear. One explanation is that Scutt had changed to Scott.
The name Scott appears at the same time as Scutt. Mary Scott of Chewton married John Hart of High Littleton on 24/5/1753. George Scott was preparing overseers accounts for Chewton Mendip accounts in 1761.
The Scott name reapers in the Victorian era. Walter Scott was listed as the head Gardener for Lord Carlingford in the 1889 Kelly’s Directory. He was listed as living at the Priory, presumably Priory Lodge, when his son Thomas, attended Chewton Mendip school in 1886.
Members of the Scott family are buried in the Chewton Mendip churchyard but he family links have not been investigated.
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