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Ford House Farm

Ford House Farm c 1920The picture on the right show a house now called Ford House Farm  which is beyond  Lower Street  on the Litton Road.   The house shown may have been built by Henry Curtis. It is not to be confused with Ford House. The picture was taken c1920 and has been supplied by Gilbert Prior.
 The site is blank in the  1794 map  but a building is seen the 1840 tithe map.  This looks relatively modest and it may have been extended by Henry Curtis. He was born in 1845 and was the son of Thomas and Mary Curtis. Thomas was a labourer but Henry bettered himself and was a wine merchant and earned enough money to buy the house at the bottom of water coombe shown in the map above. He may have extended the house he bought but he was in financial problems by 1868 when this house was offered for rent
His financial situation go worse and he was made bankrupt and this house was offered for sale in 1871 by the liquidator of his business. He bought Chewton Chapel , or a cottage linked to it, in 1874, probably for his parents.
 A member of the Speed family lived here in the early 20th century and Sergeant Emery took over for a short while.
Later occupants were Mrs Bartlett, then Jack Hill, and then Blanche Lyons ( Hooper) nee Sherboune, who lived there after her second husband, Reg Lyons died.
The building looks very similar today but the property on the left is a separate house called Ford Cottage.
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