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1838-1840 Tithe apportionment map

The Tithe apportionment map is the probably the earliest map of the whole village that can be accurately matched to residents.  The map was dated 1839. The first accurate census was conducted in 1841 which is the first time that all residents were recorded in a systematic way. Somerset archive record D\D/Rt/A/119 provides more details about the tithe  but it covers the period of 1838 to 1840 when a common way of assessing tithes was agreed. . This means it may not agree with some details of the 1841 census which was recorded at least a year after the tithe map was published. The map should be seen in the context of the other maps and lists from around the same time. A copy of the tithe map is available in digital format from the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton.
The 1766 map is faded and does not provide much detail. The Bowen map was published in 1777 is a large-scale map of the whole of Somerset.
Extracts from a map of the Waldegrave estates in 1794 are used to illustrate the location of some properties and areas.
Neither the 1785 or 1848 lists of Kingsmill properties are supported by maps.
The 1902 map was based on an 1833 survey but only shows part of the village and it shows the village in 1902.
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