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Quarrs Farm

Quarrs FarmQuarrs Farm is on the border near to the boarder wih Emborough on Dudwell Lane. Quarrs Cottage is a modern house next door.
QuarrThe extract of the 1794 map shows it was a Kingsmill property at the time. The red spot is the approximate location of Quarrs Farm, which is now a private house, and the blue spot show where Quarrs cottage now stands. The road on the left leads to Dudwell farm but is now a footpath. Dudwell lane is at the bottom and Coles Lane (east) is on the right. Drials Lane that leads to The Folly is at the top of the map.
Quarrs farm is not mentioned in either the churchwarden or poor book from the 18th century  but several estates that were recorded as being in the Town or East End  tithings could have been have been based on this site.  The field called Sarah Hart may have been a seperate farm which has been called Lynch Farm in this website.
 The road that runs from the cross roads directly to the right was called Adams Lane which suggests that Quarrs could have been the site of the Adams tenement that was roofless in the late 18th century. Eldons Stump is on the other side of the Coles Lane in the bottom right hand corner of this map.
 The road that runs to the bottom right hand corner leads to the modern Double Farm , White Stile Cottage and several farms on the road to Emborough that are now demolished but could have been one of the many estates that are mentioned in earlier records.
 Quarrs was occupied by William Robbins in 1839 and Ernie Watts was the tenant in the 1950s.
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