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File 2228 is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and is part of a table of  estate and occupiers who took apprentices as part of their  poor law obligations which were not popular. It would appear that Paul Downton Curtis preferred to pay the considerable sum of £8 for refusing to take an apprentice. The procedure which resulted in this fine were specified in 1754 as documented in file 2227 and the matrix continues on sheet 2229.
 The Judge, or possibly Tudge, familiy only appear as recepients of poor releife on a few occasions. Charles Judge was probably about 10 when he was assigned to Mrs Coles in 1788.
The transcribed text is in italic.
5 M Paul Downton Curtis 40 For part of his estate Took Wm Holbrook
13th April 1789 Mr Jas Olive In the Year 1755
Eight Pounds for refusing to take an apprentice
6 The Rev Mr Taswell 40 For part of the Vicarage Took Ambrose Lane
Took Rich Attwel in the year 1788 40 In the yer 1756
7 Mrs Coles 17 For her whole estate Rec the money
Took Cha Judge in the year 1788 and bound out the Apprentice
George Blanning
in the year 1757
John Gray 10 For his whole estate
Thomas Wookey 13 For his whole estate
Mrs Coles, John Gray & Thomas Wookey and their ? Of momey to Mr Wm Hunt & John Culliford for charge of ye apprentice
8 Lains Executors 16
Took Ben Perry in the year 1793
Robert Anstee 12 For part of the Barrow House estate
and John Blackmans Took Anne Lane in the year 1754
Mrs Walker For Marle Close
The Rev Mr Jn Walker For ye Tynings & Bull Acre
9 The Rev Mr Secombe 26 For Atwoods, Houses Whorebury
Took Mary Bendle 1795 and Pig Furlong Took Sarah Vowles
Mr Curtis 12 For her whole Estate in the year 1755
The Widow of late John Savage 2 For her whole Estate
Took Ann Blanning
10 Mr William Wright 40 For part of his estate In the Yaer 1757
Took Ann Selway in 1795 40
11 William Corey Esq 32 5 For Hoskins, & Franklyns
Houses, Savages & Newlands
Ditto 7 5 Thos Sages
Took Mary Gane 1795 1 10 Took Jo Smith
Widow Savage 41 For her whole estate In the year 1755
12 Mr James Yorke 30 For his estate Took John Lacey
Took Jn Heale 17795 in the year 1757
Mr King 10 10 For his whole Estate
13 Mrs Anne Yorke 24 10 For Burges and Adam’s Took Will Blanning
Mrs How (Paid the fine) 8 For her whole Estate In the Year 1759
Mrs Savage 8 For Tuthons & West Ground
14 Mr George Yorke For his whole estate Took Catherine Plenty
John Hares Took Rich York  in the
Mrs Elizabeth York For Red Sherd & a Cottage Year 1761
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