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Bathway Farm

Bathway FarmBathway Farm is between Bathway cross roads and Nedge and is now a private house but it was the site of a horse stud within living memory. It used to be a horse stud but it is believed the horses were bred for polo, not racing.
Bathway FarmThe farm is not specifically mentioned in the 18th century churchwardens accounts or poor book but the 1794 map shows a field called House next to the site of the modern building in the field marked 166m. It is assumed that the House family were the tenants in the 18th century. The the building at the bottom of the picture is no longer standing.
The House estate may have been a Kingsmill property in the 1750s but the Hippisleys were paying poor rates for Mr Secombe’s estate called House in the 1760s. The Gore,  White Pitts and Rouse Corner are fields or features that are known to have been in the area Wyches is believed to have been based nearby.
 Edward Burgess Hippisley was listed as the owner and occupier in the 1839 tithe map by which time a Methodist Chapel had been built nearby. Bathway Farm is shown on the 1902 map.
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