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There are at least  or three branches of the Moore family involved in the history of Chewton Mendip. Somebody with the surname of Moore was paid £2  1s  6d (c£1.08) for quarrying stones to be used in building walls in Newlands  (Emborough) in 1609. Various members of the Moore family appeared in the records of Emborough and other nearby villages.   Richard Moore of Binigar got married to some somebody in Chewton Mendip on 25/4/1738 but the brides name was missing according to FreeReg.
The churchwardens account and  Poor Book and refer to various people paying rates for an estate called Moores in the early and middle 18th century and a Mr Moore was paying poor rates for an estate in the Middlesex tithing. A William Moore had an estate in Chewton Mendip that was assessed as worth £18 for poor rates in 1754. He my have been a Chewton Mendip resident or William Moore of Charlton who sold a lease for an estate called Hills to George Dudden of Chewton Mendip in 1791.
There are a number of fields marked as belonging to Mr Moore in the 1794 map. Some filed are based around Chick lane, are are based near Wheatfield lane. It is not clear if the name of  Moorecroft is linked to this family or is derived from the geographic feature of a moor.
Lt General Francis Moore of Russell St Bath married Charlotte Pulling, nee Stephens at St Martin in the Fields. She was the sister of John Stephens/Kingsmill the vicar of Chewton Mendip.  Francis Moore came from an Anglo Irish family so he is unlikely to have been related to the land owners in Chewton Mendip. His infant son John, was buried in Chwton Mendip in 1804 and his gravestone can still be seen near the tower.
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