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Agness White and Geo Peter Roynon were assessed together in the Protestation and Lay Subsidy rolls of 1641 for £3 based on land.  The joint assessment suggests that they were related. Henry White was assessed  for £4 based on land whilst Thomas White was assessed  for £2 also for land. This suggests that the family were fairly prosperous.
The prosperity did not prevent several people giving evidence against a leadminer called John White who was accused of stealing cheese from Mr Brice in 1677.
Various members of th family were listed in the 18th century churchwarden accounts and poor law records paying rates for an estate  in the West End tithing that was sometimes called Coombs.
The Parrish paid for quarters for William White and his family at the Royal Oake 1735-36. The parish paid for his funeral in Bristol in 1741.
A Mary White was paid for tending small pox victims in 1748 and was later a recipient of poor relief.
 Various members of the family attended Chewton Mendip school in the Victorian era
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