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Sperrings Green Lane

Sperrings Green Lane siteThe trees mark the course of  Sperrings Green and there was once a road that connected Sperrings Green to Everards Farm and there was once a cottage, or even a farm, in what is now a field. This may be considered to be the West End or Town tithing and it is not clear what the lane was called. Sperrings Lane  is/was in the Middlesex tithing. The lane may have been called Hags Lane in the 1740 map.
 Sperrings Green LaneThe extract from the 1794 map shows the track was as significant as the other roads in the area and that the fields were much smaller than they are today.
The building in 389 looks to be more substantial in the 1839 map when it was described as a stable and yard occupied by Edmund Fry.
The field numbered  394 was occupied by James Selway and called Picked Close, one of at least two fields to bear that name. The Selways were the tenants of ‘Nobels‘ in 1766 which included a Picked Close suggesting that Nobels may have been the building shown next to Sperrings Green Lane which is no longer standing.
 The 1902 map does not cover this part of the village.
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