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Norman and Eric Gillard A map of Ston Easton produced by Geoffrey Loxton dated c 1700 shows a house for a Widow Gillard but there is no evidence that the two brothers shown on the left, Norman and Eric Gillard are from the same family . This picture was taken a group photograph of a victorious skittles team from c1950.
Alfred and Elizabeth Gillard moved to Chewton Mendip c1905 when their children attended Chewton Mendip School. Their previous school was described as either Wookey Hole or Sutton Coldfield. There is also some confusion over how many children they had but it was at least five, William, Florence, Fred, Lancelot and Ethel,who attended school  from 1905 to c1918 when they were living in Honeywell in the East End tithing of Chewton Mendip
The confusion lies in how many members of the Gillard family served in World War 1. An E A Gillard is listed as having served but h has not been identified. It may have been Alfred. What is certain is that Fred was killed, aged 18, in WW1. He was Private 36382 of the Royal Warkishire Regiment. He is commemorated on the Vis-En-Artois Memorial.
Lancelot is better known as Lance and worked on East End Farm for th Green family. Lance was a champion thatcher and stone wall builder.
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