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 Skittle team 1940sThis picture shows a victorious skittles team from the late 1940s. The picture is set in Lower Street opposite the Village Hall. The wall behind is now much lower. Skittles is played in the Social Club whilst darts is played in the Waldegrave Arms. It was taken at roughly the same time as the Waldegrave farm tenants lunch. Some of the people can also be seen in at an earlier age in the pre war choir.
Skittles is not to be confused with 10 pin bowling although the American version probably evolved from the same source. There are different rules but the main points are there are nine pins arranged in a diamond pattern and the ball is smaller than the gap between them.
The people shown appear in several other photographs and are listed below. Starting with the back row, left to right.
John Withey, he was son of Tom Withey, He did not follow his fathers business but was a farmer and moved away from Chewton. The next person was  Ron Chappell then  Norman and Eric Gillard, Charlie Ford, Ken Church (who supplied a copy of this picture) and Fred Speed. The last person was Ivor Chappel, Les’s Brother.He lived in Harptree but was closely associated with Chewton, and was one of the cricketers coached by Captain Wilson, who went on to play for better teams.
Front Row Herbert Ford, Ernest Habgood, Lesley Chappell (holding the cup), Stan Jones (from the shop) William Thomas and Stanley Ball.
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