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Eakers Hill

Eakers HillMost of the references to Eaker’s Hill are concerned with a farm which is now a ‘romantic ruin’ but a more accurate use of the name is to describe the relatively bleak hill shown in the picture on the left. There used to be a barn and possibly a farm at the summit which may have been the Nobles mentioned in the 18th century. Red Quarr is on the other side of the hill and used to be connected by a road that has now been grassed over. Wigmore Farm is to the right, Nivers Hill is to the rear from where the photograph was taken. The lane that runs from the left of this photograph was known as Reeves Lane but this name has fallen out of use.
Whatever the property was, it may have formed part of the boundary with the  Royal Hunting Forest .The 1839 map shows there was still a barn on the site.
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