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Page 2156 is taken from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and is a summary of the rates raised c1756. The summary is broken down by tithing rather than by estate. The approximate value in modern money and the percentages based on those values are shown on the right. The cash values may not represent the percentage of the population or land area. The rates were sometimes listed by where the farmer was based, not where the land was situated.
The transcribed text is in italic.
   £  s  d
  East End 3 8 6 1/2
  West End 2 14 4 1/4
One rate for Town 2 8 6 3/4
  Middlesex 2 1 8./5
  Witcomb 1 7 6
  Total of 1 Double Rate 12 0 73/4
East End £3.43 28%
West End £2.72 23%
Town £2.43 20%
Middlesex £2.08 17%
Witcomb £1.37 11%
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