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Robert & John Hoskins were  assessed together for a liability of £1 based on land in the Protestation and Lay Subsidy roll of 1641 This may have been the estate  that Rachel Hoskins was responsible for as documented in churchwarden and poor law books in the early to mid 18th century.The property was owned by the Kingsmills  and various members of the family were paying for an estate in the Town or West end tithings until the mid 1730s when other people took responsibility.
The family must have suffered a decline in their ecenomic fortunes because an Elizabeth Hoskins was subject to a removal order in 1755. She may have been the ‘Widow Hoskins’ that is mentioned in earlier records. The Vestry committee were not as heartless as some events appear today,  she was supported by the parish when she was bedridden so she was too ill to move.
Sarah Hoskins married Peter Loxton of Emborough on 3/4/1768. She was described as a spinster of Emborough. There may be a transcription error because there is also a record of a marriage for the same names in 1815.
A John Hoskins was a justice of the peace mentioned in the records for 1783. He may have been from a different branch of the family.
Some of the names look like Haskins and this alternative spelling cannot be ruled out.
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