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School HouseThis picture of the school house probably shows the Tredaway family. George Tredway was the schoolmaster in the late 19th century and his children attended the school.This picture is courtesy of Pat and Dave Hellard.
 Tredaway GeorgeGeorge Tredaway was listed in the 1871 census and  the oldest surviving school register suggests he took over as headmaster from Henry Cooper in 1867 and left in February 1892.  It is assumed he was the man standing in the doorway. He had three sons, two of which may have been the  boys shown in the picture.
Tredaway boysIvor or Ivon  was born in March 1876, Thomas was born in 1878 and George Herbert was born in November 1879. This suggests that the picture was taken c1890.
Tredaway GroupThis picture may be taken at the same time showing the eldest brother and his mother. It is taken from a long-range shot showing the whole school with the church tower in the background.
 Tredaway GirlsGeorge also had three daughters. Gertrude  was born in August 1872, Florence was born in December 1874 and Winifred was born in 1878 and was the twin sister of George Herbert. They may be shown in the picture on the left.
 George was later involved in the church tower restoration committee and possibly the Ancient Order of Foresters.
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