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The Bendall form of the family name is still part of Chewton Mendip in the name of  Bendalls Grove near Eakers Hill but Bendle was a common alterative. John and William Bendle were assessed together in 1631 in the Protestation and Lay Subsidy rolls which suggests they were father and son but the relationship is not mentioned. They were assessed on the land they held rather than goods which confirms they were proprietors of land somewhere in the village. An Elizabeth Bendall was in poor relief in 1670 which could mean that she was from a different branch of the family.
Three members of the family were listed as rate payers in the churchwardens accounts in the early 18th century. Francis Bendle senior was paying for two estates called Wyches and Moorecox which were in the West End  tithing but most of the records do not specify any particular estate. John and James Bendle were also paying poor rates at approximately the same time. John was sometimes recorded as paying for a property in the Town tithing.
Somerset record Q/SR/292/13 refers to a John Bendall of Chewton Mendip who gave against his master, John Church, dated 28th June 1725. The evidence also refers to William Driall and these names suggest that this was ether the same John Bendle who was paying rates in the Town tithing or his son. A record dated 1738 suggests a John Bendle was a tenant of the Hippisley family. A Record in poor books which started in 1730 suggest that James Bendle was farming an estate once held by John House or vice versa in 1740. Thomas Green was responsible for preparing the accounts for the estate at that time. There may have been a family link. Elizabeth Green of Chewton married John Bendle in Chewton Mendip on 31st August 1731.
 William Bendle was paying for an unspecified estate in West End from c1725 but a Widow Bendle, probably Ann, was paying for the Bendle properties in the 1730s.
 Francis Bendale listed as the father of James, the  ‘base born’  son of Sarah Dale born on 11th July 1770 and baptised on 5th August 1770. ‘Frank’ Bendal was listed as the father of Betty York’s son born on 3rd October 1766.
A Farmer Bendall, who was farming at Hazell Farm, which was also in West end, accepted apprentices  in 1771 but his first name was not specified.
 There are some records of the Bendall/Bendle family in the 19th century but they then fade from this history of the village.
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