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Wigmore Farm

 Wigmore Farm is not shown on the  1794 map and is closer to Priddy than Chewton Mendip. A map drawn about 10 to 20 years later only shows Wigmore pond on the site. The 1840 map shows some buildings grouped around the pond which was described as Wigmore and was occupied by Uriah Ferris. It was owned by George Edward Earl Waldegrave. Wigmore could be described as being in the  Middlesex or West End tithing. Some of the land occupied by Wigmore Farm was occupied by the Wright family who were the Waldegraves agents in the 18th century.
William Wright is mentioned frequently in the churchwarden accounts and poor book. These records cover the date range from at least 1738 to 1784 so father and son, and perhaps grandson, may have been involved.
 The Wrights may have lived in Red Quarr but that house is a relatively modest cottage and is not likely to have been considerd suitable for a leading member of society.
The nearest substantial farm house from that era to Wigmore farm was Eakers Hill but the tenants for that farm have been identified with some degree of accuracy. Tor Hole  is relatively close but Green Ore was not part of Chewton Mendip until later.
There were Kingsmills properties nearby.
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