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Lynch Cottage

Lynch Cottage, Coles Lane (East) c1900

Courtesy of Jackie Hill

This house is now called Lynch cottage in Coles Lane (East) and has been greatly modified. It may have built by the Hart family at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries but nothing is shown on the site in the 1840 map suggesting the house was built after that date.  A branch of the Middle family may be shown in this picture but a number of other of families may have lived on the site.
HartThe 1794 map shows the whole site was occupied by the Hart family. The 1794 map only shows of the Waldegrave properties in detail but the 1766 ledgers show that the Hart family were tenants of the Waldegraves so this land may have belonged to the Kingsmills. The part of the field  marked ‘Sarah Hart’ is now occupied by a lime kiln which was fed by the quarry that has excavated a flat plot out of the side of the hill. The lane at the bottom right is Wheatfield Lane and Drials Lane leads off from the bottom left.
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