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The Walker family may sometimes be confused with the Walter family. They are listed in the births deaths and marriages for the early 18th century appear in poor book dated 1730 to 1769 as rate payers and recipients.
James and William Walker were paying rates for an estate called Bull Acre somewere in the West End tithing. The relationship between the two men or the ‘Mr Walker’ who is sometimes listed but the most likley explanation is that they were reasonably wealthy brothers who were sometimes shown the respect of the ‘Mr’ prefix.
 The Rev & Mrs John Walker’s estate was valued at £6 for Tynings & Bull Acre in 1754 but the Rev Walker is not listed as an incumbent of Chewton Mendip church. The  clergy database lists a ohn Walker who was a prebend of Wells Catherdral from 1742 until 1780 (person Id 51745) who may have been the same man. The Walker family may have owned their land and the Rev John Walker may have used family wealth to subsidise his living. This would place him in a similar position as the John Taswell and John Culliford who were the vicars of Chewton Mendip during this period.
Members of the Walker family were attending Chewton Mendip school in the Victorian era but the family link is not proven.
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