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St John

 Village Hall Group 1This is one of a series of pictures taken c1950 in the Village Hall which shows several members of the St John family. The St John family moved to the village in 1929 and took over the bakery and post office. Richard St John provided this photograph and he appears in several photographs as does his wife, Christine. Steve St John is mentioned in the article about cricket in the 1960s. The people in this photograph are as follows, starting with the front row, left to right.
Nobody is sure who the young man on the far left  is or was but it is known he had freckles. He may have been Harold Furze or a Mr Withy.
 Walter St John, Richard’s grandfather. He was the first member of the St John family to move to Chewton Mendip
 Alice St John, Walter’s wife.
 Roy St John, the son of Walter and the father of Richard St John.
 Gladys St John, Roy St John’s wife.
 Back row, left to right.
 Brian Green, he appears in several photographs.
Ted James.  He was a local farmer. Brian Green married his daughter
The Rev Latter. He was the first Vicar of Chewton Mendip to live in what is now the Old Vicarage sin the Rev David Drakeford.
 Stan Jones. He was the manager of the co-op in Chewton Mendip
12th Earl Waldegrave.
Ernie Habgood. He was a local farmer.
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