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Lady Chapel

Lady ChapelThe Lady Chapel is to the right of the chancel when approaching the altar. It is a part of the church building that has social as well as religious significance. A Lady Chapel is associatd with ‘high church’ or the Anglo Catholic branch of the Church of England.
 One of the most impressive memorials the Bonville monument seen on the left.  This may represent Sir William Bonville or the grandparents of his wife, the Fitzrogers, from whom he inherited Chewton Mendip.
The walls are dominated by memorials to the Waldegrave and related families but the floor also contains memorials to people who are less well-known such as the Plaisters , Till-Adam, Quarles and Brices.  These memorials date from around the time of the  civil war in the middle of the 17th century when conflicts between high and low church beliefs erupted into open conflict. It appears that some of the people commemorated may have been on opposing sides.
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