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The Roynan family may have never ben resident in Chewton Mendip ‘proper’ but members appear in the records of the village.
 Robert Roynan was a tenant of the Prior of Hinton Charterhouse at their sheep grange at Green Ore in 1516 when his shepherd, Robert Cocks, allowed his ship to stray.
Somerset record (DD\SPY/18) is concerned with settlements made by Peter Roynon of West Harptree in favour of his children, relating to of the manor of West Harptree Tilly, the manor, farm and lordship of Hasell and 40 acres of named land in Mourton, Compton Martin. Roynan was a relatively common name in Chew Stoke and Compton Martin with some records of Roynans in West Harptree , Compton Martin, Litton and other villages and the are numerous other records for this family in the Somerset archives.
The 1702 churchwarden’s accounts are for the estate of the late Henry Roynan esq. The esquire suffix shows he was a ‘gentleman’  so he may have owned land in several parishes. Other records show his estate was in West End and it is possible that this included what is now known as Eakers Hill.
The table of apprentices and estates compiled in 1754 (page 2227) includes the ‘Manor of Hasell’ which may have part of the Roynan estate.
Another rather confused Somerset record (DD\OB/2) includes “…Deeds of conveyance and mortgage relating to the manor and farm of Hazel [Hasell otherwise Hasely] and lands [named in deed of 1818] in Chewton Mendip; land called Upper and Lower Lots in West Harptree and Cookow Thorn Upper and Lower Lots in Compton Martin. The manor appears to have been acquired by John Billingsley and another in 1783 and sold by the trustees under his will to Charles Wilkins in 1818. Limited administration of Sir Thomas Cann of Stone Bishop, Gloucestershire (alive in 1700 when an assignment of the estate was made to him), granted 1818..”
The name Hazel farm was used in the 18th century and persisted until the modern era for what is now called Bendles Grove.
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