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Keepers Cottage

Keepers CottageKeepers Cottage is between Tor Hole and Eakers Hill and could be described as being in the West End or Middlesex tithings.
Keepers Cottage This extract from the 1794 map confirms there was something on the site of the modern Keepers Cottage at that time. The orientation of the road is different in the picture above but the older track can still bee seen.
Tor Hole Building This larger extract shows that what is now Keepers cottage was at the end of a track that can still be seen. The modern track leads to Tor Hole along the field marked 850 and the track on the 1794 map is now almost completely grown over. There is verily little left of the buildings shown in the bottom of the picture and the site was already woodland in 1840.
Keepers Cottage site 2The track leading from Keepers Cottage to the second property shown above is still clear but woodland has almost completely reclaimed the site of the other properties shown in 1794.
 Keepers Cottage was occupied by Anthoney Blagrove esq according to the 1840 tithe map but he may have been responsible for paying the tithes rather than acting as the gamekeeper.
James Furze is recorded as being the Waldegraves head game keeper in 1935s but he probably moved to Keepers Cottage in 1906.
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