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An unverified record states that John Strode, a, ‘husbandman, of Chuton’ [a farmer of Chewton Mendip?] was given a pardon for outlawry for failing to appear before the justice of the Bench to answer Thomas Nert, clerk, touching a debt of 100s (£5) in 1419. There are no other direct references to the Strode  family  being involved with Chewton Mendip until c1726 when James Strode is recorded in the churchwardens accounts for  an estate in Widcombe.
The marriage of John Strowde & Gertrude Hippisley, a daughter of John Hippisley III,   on Apr 11 1608 may provide a link between the two land owning families.
James Strode probably died in the mid 1740’s but a Mr Moor was  paying rates in the  poor book for Strodes from the 1750s when it was listed under the Middlesex tithing. Strodes is not shown on the in the 1794 map.
Somerset archive records DD\S\BT/25/10/2 and DD\S\BT/28/4/1 hint at the possible connection between the 18th century Strode family and Chewton Mendip. These records refer to  a John Strode Curtis. The Curtis family of Widcombe were a prosperous family with landholdings in various parts of the county so there may have been a marriage link between the Strode family, who were based in the Glastonbury area, and the Curtis family of Chewton Mendip.
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