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Nobels Farm is not shown on the 1794 map but it was described as being in the Middlesex tithing in the  18th century churchwarden accounts and poor book. Nobels may have been a Kingsmill property which may explain wha it is difficult to identify.
The first  recorded tenant was James York in 1706 which suggests it was a field rather than a separate farm. It is believed the Yorks occupied what is now West End Farm at the time which was a Waldegrave property but they may have only being sub letting for a short period. Many people rented land fromboth landowners.
Thomas Dalimore took over from Sarah Yorke in 1733 and he was recorded as also occupying Reeves or Reeves End which may have been Eakers Hill. The road runing in front of Eakers Hill farm was called Reeves Lane.
A Mr Rosco was briefly mentioned as a tenant of at least part of Nobels but the Dalimores were the the tenants for most of the last half of the 18th century. The name ‘Rosco’ may be a mitranscription, there is no other reference to that family in Chewton Mendip.
 There was a barn, yard and pond on  the top of Eakers Hill and it would have been a ‘noble’ place to live but the site is not shown on the 1794 map but it would not have been if it was a Kingsmill property.
 Another obvious possibility is the modern Wigmore farm  which is past Reeves lane in the direction of   Red Quarr  and the farm there is another possibility. None of these are shown on the 1794 map.
 The 1794 map does show several buildings near Kingswell which may have ben Nobels but there are other farms to be identified such as Wyches.
 Tor Hole  may have contained  a farm but the two farms near Priddy  have been accounted for. Wills and Alfords have been positivly identified but there are some buildings that appear on some maps that have yet to be explained.
The Selway were tenants of ‘Nobels‘ in 1766 and that lease included a field called Picked Close which soggested that the building near Sperrings Green Lane may have been Nobels.
Nobels 122The 1840 map  placed a field called Nobels beyond the top of Kingshill on the opposite side of the village but that does not mean the whole farm was there.
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