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This page lists all of the people who have contributed material or have helped in the creation of this website. A glossary is also being compiled of terms used in this website and associated material. Names will be added as the material is used so please accept my thanks and apologies for all the help you have provided even if your name does not appear in this list yet. Copyright of original material remains with the contributors.



 Allen  Jason Allen manages the river Chew website ( which provides information about the source of the name and the memories of a wartime refugee in the village.
Antonovic  Dr Atis Antonovic has used his experience as a retired lecturer in history to provide guidance, material and research in a number of subjects.
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Bartlett Iris Bartlett, nee Payne, has provided information to a number of people interested in local and family history research. This website includes notes taken by Dave Clarke after conversations with her in 2003.
Blanning The ‘modern’ William Blanning provided information about the First World War whilst Charles Blanning provided details about the Blanning family history .
Brice Gerry Brice has collected information from a number of people over the years and has featured in a number of stories of Chewton Mendip in his role as the last ‘local bobby’.
Brain Eric Brain provided copies of photographs of Amy Cook the school teacher shown in the pictures of the 1930s and material about farming, military matters and life general in the WW2 era
Bumstead Steve Bumstead is transcribing the Chewton Mendip parish registers and has family links to the Board, Gait and York families.
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Carter Jeremy Carter lent a copy of one of Geofrey Loxton’s books which formed a large part of my initial research.
Chewton Mendip School Chewton Mendip School have provided copies of photographs and historical data. Particular thanks are due to Claire Rice who gave the permission and made the effort to find them. Most of the material can be found under the  Education topic but photographs and data supplied by the school appear in several places in this website.
Church  Ken and Ethel Church have provided some of the old o. Ken has provided his personal memories of living in the village before WW2, as a coal miner, postman and several other roles.
Clarke A number of people from various branches of the Clark(e) families have provided information about a number of topics and families.
Clayton Paul Clayton has discovered a number of items from all eras but the Roman artifacts have done most to change the known history of the village.
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Daniels Frances Daniels of Branchlines has conducted research into family histories and provided analysis of maps and related documents. For further information visit the Branchlines website at the address
Denning The Denning family contributed to the history of Chewton Mendip as butchers and cricketers. Tim Denning has also provided information about farmers in the area, particularly Alfie Oakes.
Dudden Phillip Dudden has provided information about his and other families plus a number of topics.
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Faith Juliette Faith has published books about Cameley and other subjects mentioned in this website.
Findlay Penny Findlay has contributed information about the Clark, Thiery , Tegg and Green families.
Flower Patrick Flower has provide information about his family and their links to America and Ireland.
Ford Jeff and Ann Ford have supplied photos both new and old. The picture of the Old Vicarage is one of theirs. Jeff contributed to an article about Cricket and has also provided information about the social club and wartime Chewton Mendip
Forsesters Heretige Trust The Foresters Heritage Trust has provided invaluable information about’Court Waldegrave’ of the Ancient Order of Foresters.The Foresters Heritage Trust
(Registered Charity No. 1109859)
Shirley Road
SO15 3EW
FreeReg FreeReg ( is a database of births, deaths and marriages. This is compiled by volunteers so the coverage can be quite patchy but it has proven to be a reliable source of data about Chewton Mendip in the 18th century.
Frean Ruth Frean was born a Habgood and has provided information about that family but has also contributed information about several other families.
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Gerdes Nigel Gerdes has provided invaluable information about the Kingsmill family.
Gould Mike Gould is a member of the Chewton Mendip diaspora who has provided information about the Gould and Dowling families and has done stirling work transcribing pages from the poor-law records and Litton registers.
Green Various members of the Green family have provided photographs and original material.
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Church Mr Hanson provided information about Tor Hole.
Hellard Pat and Dave Hellard have given permission for the publication of copies of their collection of old postcards.
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Loxton  The Emborough and Ston Easton Perambulations written by Geofrey Loxton have been an invaluable source of material.
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Matthews Mike Matthews is the author of the Curtis and Hippisley website ( and has provided information about most of the families referred to.
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Newlyn Kate Newlyn has given permission for photographs of some of her sculptures to be used as illustrations. Visit her website at for  more information.
North Clive North provided information about Tor Hole.
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Peppard Tim Peppard has provided some family photos and information about bell ringing.
Powell There are two unrelated Robert Powells living in the village but Bob Powell who lives in Bathway is well-known for his collection of old postcards and other photographs of the village.
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Prior Gilbert Prior has provide information about his paternal family and the Speeds who are his mother’s family.
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Randall Tom Randall has provided information about several subjects and people but most significantly Mendip Motors, racing and Maurice Payne.
Radstock Museum “Five Arches” published by Radstock Museum has provided background information for several pages in this website. The address is:Radstock MuseumWaterloo Road


Bath and North East Somerset



Reade Mrs C de Tracy Reade is the Reader Emeritus at Chewton Mendip and a local historian who has contributed information, photographs and original research. Perhaps her greatest contribution to local history was to rescue the Vestry Committee records.
Rubery Mrs Polly Rubery , who teaches  paleaography classes, has provided expert advice on the transcription and translation of the poor-law records and the archaic terms used in them.
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Salt  Rock and Jill Salt have provided photographs and other reference material.
SAHNS The Somerset Archeological and Natural History Society (SANHS) has published Edmund Rack’s survey of Somerset that was part of the source of Collinson’s History of Somerset which includes a map of the Somerset hundreds. Their postal address is:Somerset Heritage Centre
Brunel Way
Norton Fitzwarren
TA2 6SFTelephone & Fax 01823 272429
Steel Flora Steel has provided information about the Chewton Hill area.
Speed Mervyn Speed and his sister, Norah, have provided photographs about several topics and  families.
St John Richard and Christine St John have provided copies of photographs and details about the Methodist Chapel. They also appear in some of the photographs.
sofeminine is a web site used to analyse family names. Compare with the Surname database.
Surname Database The Surname database (SurnameDB) is a second website used to analyse names.
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Tanwell Mike Tanwell and other members of the Taswell/Tazwell family have provided information about the links the family had to Chewton Mendip in the 17th and 18th centuries.
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Walker Penny and Jim Walker have provided invaluable information about Cutlers Green and other places in the village.
Webb Bob Webb lent a copy of G A Loxton’s book about Emborough and provided other material relating to the Webb family and Swallow Pits Farm.
Waldegrave The current Earl, James Waldegrave has supplied copies of a 1794 map of the village and both he and his brother William, have provided information about the family and people from he village. The Waldegraves are one of the featured families.
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