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Village hall

Village Hall c1950The Village Hall is opposite the Social Club in Lower Street  and was built later. The previous Parish Rooms was on Chew Hill.This picture was taken c1950 and it believed it was organised by the Women’s Institute or British Legion. There are four photographs taken at the same event. One is used in the page about the ST John family who provided copies. Another version is used in the Society page, the fourth one is damaged and has not been reproduced. A picture of a farmer’s new years eve ball was taken at roughly the same time.
 Some of the people are identified in other pictures but the people recognised so far are as follows starting with the front row, left to right.
 The first two are not known, the third from the left is Les Parry.  The fourth person is not known.
 The fifth person is Mr James. He was a farmer who retired to Redsheard in Back Lane.
 Roy St John,  Stan Jones and Walter St John are all described in the page about the St John family but Stan Jones ran the shop. The man on the far right is not known.
 Second row, left to right.
 The first three are not known, the forth person is thought to have ben Mrs James.
 Mrs Stan Jones
 Mrs Payne. She lived in The Folly next to number 35.
 Beatrice Gillard. She was married to lance and lived in one of the Alms Houses in Lower Street.
 Hilda Guy.
 Mrs Charlie Church.
 Arthur Green.
 Mrs Salvidge.
 Edgar Salvidge. He was the Estate Manager and lived at Hillside in Bathway.
 Not known
 Lesley Gardener. He lived in the bungalow at Dudwell.
 Norah Powell (nee St John).
 Third row, left to right.
 The first two are not known, the third person is Colin Pullin.
 Mrs Parry. She lived at Bathway corner.
 Des Pullin.
 Les Pullei, the father of Des Pullen.
 Mrs Battle.
 Richard Dudden?
 Les Fisher. He was the proprietor of the garage.
 Cinderela Jan 1960This was a production of Cinderlla staged by the Women’s institute an the village youth club. The estimated date is January 1960.The people in the back row from left to right are as follows.
 Ian Keen.
 Charlie Smallbone
 Arthur Green (the tall one!)
 Richard Speed.
 Mrs Baber
 Flo Gillard.
 Meg Riches.
 Front Row
 Jackie Humphries
 Margaret Willis
 Winnie Hill
 Lady Ann Waldegrave
 Tony Coldridge
 Sheila Keen
 Mrs Maurice Payne
 Mrs Riches
 Bob Young
 Rosmary Thomas
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