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1764 Tithing Summary

This summary is calcualted from the poor book dated 1730 to 1769 and lists the rates raised in all five tithings  This summary of rates paid is the closest to the 1766 map that has been discovered so far.
 It should be compared with the summary produced in 1754 shown in page 2156b but the percentages are roughly the same throughout the period covered by the churchwardens accounts.
 The figures have been converted into modern money but the full lists can be seen in pages 2201a, 2201b, 2202a and 2202b.
£ P %
East End £3 12 27%
West End £2 63 23%
One rate for Town £2 32 20%
Middlesex £2 8 18%
Widcomb £1 37 12%
1764 tithing summary
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