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Chappell,Chappel and Chapple  are family names that were once very common in  Chewton Mendip. A John Chappell was  listed in a property document dated 1605 and members of the family still live in the village today. The frequently made Joke was that the Chappells when to church whilst the Churches went to chapel.
 James Chappell was living at Nedge when his children attended from 1874 until 1877 but the spelling of his name was not consistent, a single ‘L’ was often used in the school register.
 One branch of the Chappells ran a quarry in the village and operated a lime kiln.
Fred Chappell is seen the picture of the belll ringers of 1904 and Ron Chappell is seen in the skittles team of c 1950.
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