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Round House

Priddy Round HouseThe Round House used to stand on a field that forms part of Wills Farm near Priddy which is part of Chewton Mendip. It may have been a lime kiln but it does not look like other limekilns in the area and it is believed people used to live in it.
There are numerous examples of lime kilns in the area and they have a distinctive shape and structure. They are built on the edge of a slope so the limestone and fuel could be delivered by cart and loaded from the top. A fire was lit at the base and the limestone left to ‘cook’.
Lime kilns needed to be very strongly built to contain the heavy load of limestone and fuel and withstand the intense heat but the Round House looked to be built on flat ground and looked to be relatively flimsy.
Some of the former lime kilns have been adapted to provide shelter of some sort but that has been achieved by building a shelter in front of the lime kiln because the space within them is very restricted.
 This picture was supplied by Gilbert Prior.
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