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Green Ore

 Green Ore is a hamlet set on a cross roads about halfway between Nedge and Pen Hill on the Wells to Chewton Mendip road. It is half in, half out of the modern parish of Chewton Mendip and the old tithing of Middlesex.
It is not shown on the 1794 map apart from a large blank field called Green Ore farm. Pars of it is shown on the 1840 tithe map.
 The main impact made by Green Ore on the history of Chewton Mendip has been through its connection with mining and the sheep farm once owned by Hinton Charterhouse monastery.
 The consensus of onion is that the name is derived from the  green colour of the lead ore that was found there. The earliest references to Green Ore are linked to lead mining.
 Another theory is that the name comes from a corruption of ‘Green Worth’. Worth was an old name for a farm. There is a record dated 1369 referring to ‘Green Worth’ but it was original written as Hyworth.
 It is possible that the family name of Green was linked to the name of the hamlet but the farm was more likely to have taken his name from the farm than the other way round at that time. Farmers recognise many shades of ‘green grass’ so it is possible that the Green Ore Farm shown on the map stood out as being relatively lush pasture in the unfertilized waste land. However, these are weak arguments to overturn the long-established theory that the hamlet takes it name from the colour of the lead ore.
The relationship between the parishes of Chewton Mendip and Green Ore was not clear for a long time. A record held in the Somerset archives (Q/SR/35/137)  is concerning a dispute between the churchwardens of Chewton Mendip and the inhabitants of Green Ore Farm, concerning the paying of church rates.
 Green Ore may have been included in Chewton Mendip regarding poor law administration in th 18th century. Richard Selway may have been the tenant of Green Ore Farm and he may have accepted Daniel Heal as an apprentice in 1768.
 Green Ore ceased to be a separate parish in 1885 when at least part of it was incorporated into Chewton Mendip. The population was just seven in 1911.
 The Ploughboy pub, several farms  and houses in Green Ore fall within the modern parish boundary of Chewton Mendip  Bendalls Farm, Rookery Farm (Green Ore), Long Wrangle Farm, Vespasian Farm, Green Acres, Three Acres, Pinelea Farm, Newlands Farm, The Ploughboy Pub and the top soil contactor plus the Old Chapel are all in the ‘Chewton Mendip part’ of Green Ore.
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