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1766 Map

Somerset archive record DD\WG/MAP/2 is a map of the Waldegraves  estate  in Chewton Mendip in the year 1766. The map is in poor condition and has a confusing orientation which differs from both the 1794 map  and modern maps.  It shares the same orientation and numbering system as the 1740 map which may be used as an alternative.
It may be a coincidence that this was the year that Robert Brice married into the Kingsmill family and started to review what he had acquired. It is significant that the ‘Esq’, short for esquire suffix was used for the Kingsmills in this map but not in the 1794 map which may be a sign of the deterioration in the relationship  between the two families. The Kingmills were in dispute with the Hippisleys about the payment of tithes by 1794.
 Chew Down is roughly in the centre as is  the Town tithing but Eakers Hill/ West end or Middlesex  is on the bottom right rather than the top left and  Bathway is on the bottom right rather than the centre left. The Widcombe tithing is not shown.
The churchwarden  accounts finish a few years before the date of the map but some of the features are named and poor law includes a detailed list of who owned some od the estates and who were the tenants.
 It is possible that the patch of ground that is now called The Folly  can be seen but there is no indication of the Folly House or other buildings believed to have been standing at the time.
 The map is not detailed enough to show the ‘the inn’ which was believed to be on he site now occupied by Chewton House.  The map does not show what is believed to have been Redsheard or the ‘Adams’ estate.
The centre of the village around Veal  Farm is missing.
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