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High Littleton VicarsNo record has yet been found proving a member of the Hodges family lived in Chewton Mendip untill Henry Hodges Mogg become vicar of Chewton Mendip on 29th December 1814 after John Stephens (Kingsmill) had died. Henry Hodges Mogg was already vicar of nearby High Littlton as the notice in High Littleton church shows. He was probably also the vicar of Farrington Gurney where he is buried.
 Thomas and George Hodges appear frequently in the 18th century records of Chewton Mendip because they was a Justices of the Peace. They were wealthy coal mine owners and probably lay rectors of High Littleton. George Hodges is also buried in Farrington Gurney.
Henry Hodges Mogg was probably living in the rectory house in Farrington Gurney when he was first appointed as vicar of Chewton Mendip.
 The second part of his name demonstrates his connection to the Mogg family of Farrington Gurney.  He may have moved by 1821 when a record held in the Somerset archives (DD\MGG/1/9/3) describes him as a ‘clerk’ of Chewton Mendip. This record names him in a dispute about the will of George Hodges. The Clergy Database incorrectly lists him under Mogg and does not appear to hold any records for Farrington Gurney.
 If Henry was living in Chewton Mendip, he was probably living in the  ‘old’ rectory shown in the 1794 map in Lower Street. It is not clear what building was on the site of the Old Vicarage in the High Street at this time.
Chewton House  had been built c1800 as a vicarage by John Stephens/Kingsmill but his inheritance was being disputed and the descendents of Robert Brice Kingsmill wanted to use Chewton House for a different purpose.
 It is believed that the building that is now known as the Old Rectory was built in 1823 which makes it likely that it was built for Henry Hodges Mogg. He is reported to have been living in Chewton Mendip in 1830 according to Somerset archive record DD\MGG/1/9/4 which is the assignment of a mortgage for £3000 in his name
 Henry Hodges Mogg resigned from Chewton Mendip in 1836 to be replaced by Henry Kingsmill but he continued as vicar of High Littleton until 1844 when it is presumed he died. Henry Hodges Mogg the younger replaced him in High Littleton. Henry Hodges Mogg senior is buried in Farrington Gurney.
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